Collected Poems and Prose
Collected Poems and Prose

Mary Lee Chudleigh
(1656 - 1710)

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Mary Lee Chudleigh was part of a group of intellectual women around Dryden, together with among others, Elizabeth Thomas, Mary Astell and Elizabeth Elstob. She started writing later in her life, and published The Ladies Defence: or the Bride-Woman's Counsellor answered: A Poem. In a Dialogue Between Sir John Brute, Sir William Loveall, Melissa, and a Parson (1701). The Poem is a response to the misogynist preachings at a wedding seremony by John Sprint (1699).



  • 1701 - The Ladies Defence: or the Bride - Woman's Counsellor answered: In a Dialogue Between Sir John Brute, Sir William Loveall, Melissa, and a Parson.
  • 1703 - The Ladies' Defence, Poems on Several Occasions
  • 1710 - Essays upon Several Subjects


Memoirs of Several Ladies of Great Britain, George Ballard

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